The Horrors of Arrow Point

The Horrors of Arrow Point is the working title for the dark fantasy novel I am writing. The basic synopsis of the story is that in a town with a dark history, a child is mysteriously murdered in his own home after being left alone for the first time. With conflicting reports off the murderer, Detective Andrew Gibson goes probing into the murder to find the truth, finding a dark past of corruption, deadly deals, and a cult that continues to this day… Meanwhile, in this split POV novel: a fisherman learns a secret of his heritage; a mayor is forced to confront the realities of a monster (monsters?) stalking his town; a reporter eager to get to the top gets herself in over her head after making a deal; A deputy faces another mystery at the nearby hospital; the older sister of the victim must face her inner demons.

It all takes place in a not-so-sleepy coastal town of Arrow Point, North Caroline, which has been wrought with violence and unexplainable happenings for years, all swept under the rug so to speak. Each of the character’s stories intertwine at varying points, as they cross paths and as side characters appear across multiple POVs. You can follow my progress by following the blog or my socials, and of course by keeping up-to-date with JR’s Journals, where all updates will be posted.

It’s got a very Lovecraftian vibe to it, while still steering clear of the Cthulhu Mythos he created. With small towns akin to a Stephen King novel, a sprawling story like Game of Thrones, and enough horror to be disturbing but not terrifying, I hope to bridge genres. All this while painting a town with its own happenings and problems just like every other small town in America.

It just so happens this one has a monster. Or monsters.

At this time, I am still in first draft phase. However, with your support, I will be looking to publish. This is a difficult process, made much easier by the support of a following. Being able to look an editor in the eye and say I have X number of followers who want to get their hands on this book would be a great asset. So if you want to read this novel, or any others I will write in fact (remember I write sci-fi too, not just fantasy and horror) please hit the follow button. Look on social media for @the_twilight_sloan. Tell your family. Tell your friends.

I can’t do it without your help.