If you’ve read some of my writing, you at least know a little about my rising career. Here’s just a bit more.

  • I will be having a story entitled “A Personal Heaven and Hell” published in an upcoming issue of Horror Tree’s Trembling With Fear. It will be reprinted on this site as soon as I’m able, until then it will be available here.
  • I have a large list of other short stories both awaiting and out on submission, be watching for the next publication. You can find all news here or on the official @the_twilight_sloan Instagram page.
  • I am writing a dark-fantasy novel. I won’t say much about it, as it has its own page, but be sure to watch the journey as I complete it and go for publication. Your support will make it all the easier.
  •  Aside from that, I have outlined several other novels, ranging from one-offs to full fledged series worth and stretching genres from science-fiction to horror and everywhere around and in between.

And of course, I’m not just a writer. Here’s a little about me outside of the pages.

  • I am a psychology major at WVU, studying to become a childhood trauma therapist.
  • I am really into LEGO. One of my pride is the ’50s City I have sprawling, all built out of LEGO. It is an ongoing project and a nice break from writing.
  • My favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, and George RR Martin. Their work heavily inspired and influences my novel.
  • I am a hard rock and metal fan. I Prevail and Ice Nine Kills for the win. I can also drum really well.

That is all, really. I don’t do much.